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What does Precision Mode do?

Precision Mode is a feature designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the in-app time reminders and app blocking functionalities in minimalist phone. Here are the key benefits of using Precision Mode:

1) Ensures Timely In-App Time Reminders: If you experience issues where in-app time reminders are not showing up or are delayed, Precision Mode can help resolve these problems, ensuring reminders are displayed on time.

2) Prevents False In-App Time Reminders: Precision Mode addresses situations where false in-app time reminders appear after interacting with notifications from apps that have in-app time reminders enabled, even if you haven’t opened the app. This ensures that reminders only appear when necessary.

3) Blocks Websites of Blocked Apps: Precision Mode extends the blocking functionality to websites associated with apps that are blocked. This means that not only will the app itself be blocked, but you will also be prevented from accessing its website, providing a more comprehensive digital detox experience.

By enabling Precision Mode, you can enjoy a smoother and more consistent experience with the minimalist phone, helping you stay focused and in control of your smartphone usage.

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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