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What does app hiding do? Which apps should I hide?

The "App Hiding" feature in minimalist phone allows you to make certain apps less accessible, thus helping to reduce potential distractions and the urge to mindlessly open certain apps. When an app is hidden, its name is removed from the main list of apps on the home screen, meaning you have to go through a few more steps within the minimalist phone settings to access it.
To open a hidden app or to unhide an app, go to minimalist phone settings (accessible via the gear wheel icon on the page with all apps) -> Home screen -> Hidden apps.
As for which apps to hide, this is entirely subjective and should be based on your own usage patterns and objectives. Generally, apps that you find distracting, time-consuming, or addictive are good candidates for hiding. This often includes social media apps, games, or any other apps that you feel are negatively affecting your productivity or overall well-being.
Please note that hiding an app does not uninstall it from your phone or block its notifications (unless you specifically use the "App Blocker" or "Notification Filter" features). The app is simply made less immediately accessible.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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