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How does minimalist phone work?

minimalist phone is an application designed to help users gain more control over their smartphone usage, reduce screen time, and cultivate a more mindful digital lifestyle.
Here's how it works:

Custom Home Screen: minimalist phone replaces your typical home screen filled with colorful app icons with a clean, text-based layout. Each application is represented by a simple text entry rather than an icon. This discourages mindless app opening, based on unconscious learned behavior associated with visually appealing app icons, and promotes more intentional usage.
In-app Time Reminder: When you attempt to open a potentially addictive app, minimalist phone prompts you to set a usage timer for that particular session. You can choose from predefined intervals or set a custom usage time. Once the selected time is up and if you're still in the app, a popup will appear prompting you to either exit the app or extend the timer.
App Blocker: This feature allows you to block access to any app for a chosen duration ranging from 4 hours to 30 days. During this period, you won't be able to open the app, and all notifications from it will be blocked.
Notification Filter: This function filters out notifications from selected apps, keeping them out of your immediate sight. While the notifications won't appear in your regular notification bar, they can be viewed in a separate screen within minimalist phone.

By incorporating these features, minimalist phone encourages more mindful smartphone usage, helping users to break free from addictive app behaviors, reduce screen time, and reclaim their attention and time for more important tasks and experiences.

Updated on: 27/05/2023

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