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I'd like to use an image as my wallpaper. What can I do?

Currently, it's not possible to add an image as a background to minimalist phone as we aim to maintain a minimal user interface devoid of visual distractions for all users.

However, there's an alternative you might want to try - you can set an image as your lock screen wallpaper. Just ensure that you first disable the automatic wallpaper setting in minimalist phone. To do this, go to the minimalist phone settings (gear wheel icon on the page with all apps), navigate to 'Display' -> 'Automatically Set Matching Lock Screen Background' -> 'Disabled'.

Once this is done, you can set your lock screen wallpaper as you typically would. Please ensure that you are setting the new wallpaper specifically for the lock screen, not the home screen, or it will not work.

Pro tip: If you're keen to see a nice picture in your life, consider adding a picture frame to your desk or dashboard. This way, you can have a physical, pleasant image to look at without introducing visual distractions to your digital space. This simple change can bring a touch of personality and warmth to your surroundings while still keeping your phone interface minimal and distraction-free.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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