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What do “mindful launch delay” and “mindful extension delay” features do?

The "mindful launch delay" and "mindful extension delay" features are designed to help you be more deliberate and intentional about your app usage.

"Mindful launch delay" introduces a brief pause before an app launches, giving you a moment to consider if you really want to open it. This can be particularly helpful for apps that might be distracting or addictive.

"Mindful extension delay" comes into play when your allotted time for using an app has run out. Before you can extend your time, this feature introduces a short delay. This gives you another chance to consider if spending more time on the app is truly beneficial.

To activate these features, you need to go into the in-app time reminder dialog when you're setting the initial time for app usage. Click on the "down arrow" to access the settings, where you'll find the options to enable "mindful launch delay" and "mindful extension delay".

You can watch the feature here:

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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