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Scrolling through the app list to find the apps I need is time-consuming. Can you suggest a solution?

There are a few solutions that might help. Firstly, you could activate the "Automatically Open Keyboard" option in the minimalist phone settings. To do this, go to the gear wheel icon on the page with all apps, navigate to 'Home screen' -> 'Automatically Open Keyboard'.

If the app name isn't memorable for you, you can rename it to something more recognizable. Just long press on the app in the all apps list and choose "Rename". Advanced tip: you can even add emojis to the app name to make it more distinctive, like 📷 for the camera or 🎵 for a music app.

Additionally, grouping apps into a folder can help you locate them more easily. Folders are always displayed at the top of the app list. To create a folder, long press on any app in the all apps list and choose "Move to Folder".

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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