My phone occasionally freezes since I updated to Android 14. What can I do?

This freezing issue is a known bug associated with Android 14. It's something that has been affecting various third-party home screens, not just the minimalist phone. This particular bug is something only Google can fix.

On a brighter note, some users have shared that this problem seems to be resolved in the latest Android 14 QPR Beta version. However, accessing the Beta fix would require joining the Android 14 Beta program – which might not be ideal for everyone. Additionally, the issue might be addressed in the next official update for Android 14.
Meanwhile, you can try a few potential workarounds:

1) Disable Animations: This can be done through Developer Options in your phone's settings. Navigate to the minimalist phone settings (look for the gear wheel icon among all apps) -> Device settings, then search for "Animation" and select "Remove animations." This measure has helped several users - make sure to give it a try.
2) Patience between Actions: After tapping an app, wait for 2-3 seconds before doing anything else.
3) Switch Navigation Style: Consider using the 3-button navigation method instead of the default system gesture navigation. It's not a guaranteed solution, but it has helped some. You can go to minimalist phone settings (gear wheel on page with all apps) -> System -> Navigation mode -> choose "3-button navigation".

If any of these workarounds prove effective for you, please let us know. Given that this issue affects only a small percentage of Android 14 users, your feedback would be invaluable in helping us better understand and address the situation.

Pro tip: Contact Google support regarding your issue with Android 14 on your Pixel device and custom home screen. This can increase the chance of Google giving more attention to this issue and fixing it early.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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