My phone occasionally freezes since I updated to Android 14. What can I do?

This freezing issue is a known bug associated with Android 14. It's something that has been affecting various third-party home screens, not just the minimalist phone. This particular bug is something only Google can fix.

Description of the issue: When this bug occurs, users are typically unable to swipe left from the main home screen to access the list of all apps.

Quick Fix: If your phone occasionally freezes, try locking and unlocking your phone using the side button. This simple action can temporarily resolve the freezing issue until a more permanent solution is available.

The issue might be addressed in the next official update for Android 14. Meanwhile, you can try a few potential workarounds:

1) Enable precision mode: Go to minimalist phone settings (gear wheel on page with all apps) -> In-app time reminder -> Precision mode. You can just follow the on-screen instructions.
2) Disable Animations: This can be done through Developer Options in your phone's settings. Navigate to the minimalist phone settings (look for the gear wheel icon among all apps) -> Device settings, then search for "Animation" and select "Remove animations." This measure has helped several users - make sure to give it a try.
3) Patience between Actions: After tapping an app, wait for 2-3 seconds before doing anything else.

If any of these workarounds prove effective for you, please let us know. Given that this issue affects only a small percentage of Android 14 users, your feedback would be invaluable in helping us better understand and address the situation.

Pro tip: Upvote this issue on Google IssueTracker by clicking on "+1" here and here. This can increase the chance of Google giving more attention to this issue and fixing it early.

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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